See for information on ROT13.

ROT26 is just like ROT13 but twice as secure.

First we apply:




Free Web Service

To encourage more developers to use ROT26 in their applications, we are offering a free ROT26 encryption/decryption web service.

To encrypt a message:{message to encrypt}

eg. me
(opens in a new window)

To decrypt a message:{message to decrypt}

eg. me
(opens in a new window)

Your support

If you use this service regularly and find it useful, please consider donating here:

Product roadmap

With enough donations we are hoping to not only cover our infrastructure costs, but also achieve the following:
  • provide additional web service standards, including:
    • oData
    • SOAP v1
    • SOAP v2
  • mobile phone SDKs for easy implementation into your new or existing project:
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows Phone
    • Blackberry
  • asynchronous token based transactions so your application can close the HTTP connection and get the results at a later time
  • batch conversions
  • rate limiting (we will ONLY do this if the service is being used too much!)
  • technical documentation
    • detailed technical documentation
    • getting started guides
    • FAQs
    • sample code
  • port the project to Github for open source contribution (we need to check with our legal department first)
Your donations will help us get there.

This is a project.