"It's like ROT13 but twice as secure"


This service is free to use under the ROT26 v2.1 license (found at bottom of page)

Double ROT13

ROT13 encryption is a fairly trivial process and can easily be performed using Javascript in a modern browser.

However, as you will see, it is rather inconvenient to perform the ROT13 encryption process twice to get a ROT26 encrypted message.

Javascript implementation:

Plain text ROT13 ROT26

As you would have noticed, performing 2 x ROT13 encryptions to encrypt, then 2 x ROT13 decryptions to decrypt, isn't appropriate for modern day applications where speed and convenience is required.


A direct plain text to ROT26 encryption is obviously MUCH more desirable, however it is MUCH more complex and cannot be done using Javascript in a modern browser (at least from all the tests we have performed).

Due to the complicated ROT26 encryption and decryption process, only very powerful super computers, that divide the computation between multiple mainframe machines, can the computation be performed in a reasonable amount of time.

Our solution

Our very complicated architecture looks a bit like this:

Our solution is very complicated, however we are always trying to improve the algorithm and use the most energy efficient and cost effective infrastructure available.

We have however decided to give this service away for free and have built a web service which gives you access to the ROT26 encryption and decryption service free of charge.

Free Web Service

To encrypt a message:{message to encrypt}

Example: me
(opens in new window)

To decrypt a message:{message to decrypt}

Example: me
(opens in new window)

Your support

Keeping the ROT26 encryption service and the web service running 24/7 is rather expensive. We regularly need to maintain and replace the various mainframe computers and 20+ flux capacitors.

If you regularly use this service and find it useful, please feel free to donate here:

Product roadmap

With enough donations we are hoping to not only cover our infrastructure costs, but we will then be able to achieving the following: Your donations will help us get there.

Our dream

We hope that one day either of the following will happen so ROT26 encryption is more widely avaliable:
  1. the encryption algorithm is improved to be more efficient
  2. the computational power available in a modern browser greatly improves
But until either of these happen, people will just have to use this service.

ROT26 v2.1 license

Thou shalt not use this service in the following situations:

  1. building weapons of mass destruction
  2. aiding terror organisations
  3. murdering kittens
All other uses are fine.

Any harm caused by using our service or ROT26 encryption in general would be considered hilarious and please do tell us about it.
If any damage claims arise from the use of our service or ROT26 encryption in general, any judge would deem you an idiot and would hold you personally liable.

This is a project.